Musician, composer and producer with a higher classical training, he started his activity in the theatrical and audio-visual field in 1998, and in 2002 he starts working at Institut del Teatre of Barcelona (the Barcelona college of performing arts, including theatre, dance choreography and pedagogy bachelor’s degree and dance conservatoire) where he begins his collaborations with dancers, choreographers, scene directors, audio-visuals and actors on more than 50 shows, along with composition and production jobs for the cinema, TV and video-arts. Also remarkable are his personal projects in the field of electronic music, available at Donlikepiano Soundcloud.

From 2002 on, he takes part on more than 500 performances at the main Spanish theatres and festivals, as well as in the rest of Europe and in the U.S.A. 



Recently, he has been performing with Viggo Mortensen in a show of music and poems, created with the actor from his poetry book "Canciones de invierno" and composed and produced the music for the worlwide campaign against cáncer. His piano version of Skating Polly's song "A little late" is part of Viggo Mortensen's directorial debut "FALLING", releasing next 2020. He's creating the original music for the next inmersive expo at IDEAL Barcelona that will open 2020 autumn season. Currently composing  the OST for shortfilms made at ESCAC   directed by Gemma Capdevila, Dave Jackson and Francesc Palau. He has created (and is creating) music for cinema and TV series with directors  Jaime Dezcallar, José Luis San Roman, Sergi Cervera, Dani Torres, Dídac Cervera or Jesús Pérez Miranda, achieving many international prizes. 2 documentaries soundtracks, identifying music for Canarias Televisión, original scores for the international animation series LMN's, music for some audiovisual works photographers like David Airob or David Maroto, he's created remixes for the american producer Mathew Shell and music for many corporative videos. He also created some music for TV. 

He creates his own music (both acoustic or electronic) under the name of DONTLIKEPIANO. 

In the performing arts area, he has also worked as a musician, composer and sound designer at many main theatres in Spain such as Teatro de la Abadía or Teatro Español in Madrid, National Drama Center in Madrid, National Theatre in Catalonia or Teatre Lliure, with directors Àlex Rigola, Carlota Ferrer and Pau Carrió on works by Tenesse Williams, William Shakespeare, Anton Chéjov... 

One of his more usual partners has been Maite Marcos, the international well known choreographer. With her he created a flamenco piece for Shakira, for her 2010 tour.

DANCE (composing, performing and musical direction) 

He currently directs a department consisting of 28 musicians and instrumentalists at Institut del Teatre of Barcelona, in the artistic and organization levels, and collaborates cross-wise with all the institution’s departments, in the professional field (classical, contemporary and flamenco) as well as college grades (choreography, pedagogy, performing, direction and pl, pedagogy, performing, direction and flamenco) as well graphers, play writing). As a pianist and percussionist he participates in classes of all areas.

He also develops training programs for musicians in the dance and performing arts fields, as well as collaboration and exchange professional programs with higher music schools, professional associations of actors or dancers in Barcelona and with the net of National Libraries. At a European level, he is currently developing projects with the University of Performing Arts of Copenhagen, the Paris Conservatory or the Music and Performing Arts Conservatory of Perpignan. He is part of the team that is currently starting the European Music&Movement Association. 

has also with: Risa Steinberg, Julio Bocca, Ramon Oller, Antonio Canales, Rafael Amargo, Maria Jiménez and many dancers, teachers and other national and international choreographers.